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We are thrilled to bring you Colton's first book. It was written by his mom, Diane Wilson and Colton as a team. With his recent passing, we hope you will support his ongoing legacy by purchasing your copy of COLTON'S JOURNEY and encouraging others to do the same.



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Diane Wilson Colton Dance
Colton enjoying the first dance with Mom at his Grade 8 Graduation - June 2012

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Colton Gill

Gill, Colton Victor

Wednesday March 6th, 2013 at Sick Kids�Hospital in Toronto, Colton decided to join his sister Carling, on the other side of life’s veil. Born with a rare genetic disorder that has a life expectancy of age 9, Colton circumnavigated many odds, and continued to regenerate after his stem cell brain surgery in India in 2008, with help from his healing team. He achieved 14 years 10 months!

Colton touched many, many lives by being an example of courage, strength and possibility. He lived in Burlington with his brother Jarrett, Mom (Diane Wilson) and nanny Cathy Castillo. Dad (John Gill) and his extended family (Julie, Eric and Emily Lanthier) of Niagara Falls and Jean and Ralph Sutton of Welland, were a big part of his life and care. Grandparents in heaven waiting with his sister Carling, to welcome Colton are Joan Wilson (nee Sunstrum), Vic Gill, Gisele Gill Niven (nee Gagne), and Ralph Niven. Colton’s grandfather Reg Wilson lives in Rockhampton, Australia. Colton is also survived by his Auntie Lori (Stewart Hope) of Guelph, and Uncles Larry Gill (Kim) of Burlington, and David Wilson (Mary) of Guelph, and cousins: Kiel, (Amanda and son Koen), Simon, Michelle, Kyle, Alec, Sarah, Denver and Cody.

Colton celebrated a huge milestone, when he graduated grade 8 at Charles R. Beaudoin public school. He was currently enjoying attending Robert Bateman high school where he was a grade 9 student in the Centre, and a member of the student club Youth in Action. Colton will be missed by many friends, but especially his special lifelong buddy, Kyle Woods, of Burlington. Colton loved painting, music, swimming, horses and watching hockey with his Dad.

Family welcome all to a special CELEBRATION OF COLTON'S LIFE
will be held at Charles R. Beaudoin school in Burlington, Ontario.

Saturday April 13th, at 1pm

To help us get a sense of how many to expect �we’d appreciate if you could go online to http://event.pingg.com/Colton and let us know your plans! This link also has directions to the school.  

Donations in Colton’s name can be made to The Hospital for Sick Children (Toronto), NABS, or Free the Children. Donations (without tax receipt) are also appreciated, by The Winning Team (Colton’s not for profit group - www.thewinningteam.org) mailed to 4305 Fairview St #124, Burlington, L7N 6E8…to further Colton’s legacy/plans to support others via health clinics in developing countries.

Much gratitude and respect go to the teams in critical care, respirology and neurology at Sick Kids, and the many, many supporters and practitioners on The Winning Team, also those at BGS Global and Stempeutics in India. Our focus every step of the way, has been to forge ahead exploring possibilities to health, seeking and celebrating the wins in each situation, and with each challenge. It has been an incredible journey, which Colton will continue to lead, from his place of peace with his sister.
On line condolences at www.dbburlington.ca

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This website is about our family and dealing with a rare disorder - a late infantile form of the NCL disease sometimes known as Batten's.

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Project Possibility is Underway!

You may be aware that Project Possibility refers not only to Colton’s trip to India (June 2008) for a leading edge Stem Cell brain surgery�but also the regeneration phase (3-4 years)  after his surgery .

Last May/June Colton’s team traveled to Bangalore, where Colton became the first Late Infantile NCL child to receive the mesenchymal stem cell therapy.  68 million stem cells were stereotactically implanted into 6 locations in his brain.  Huge thanks to Maria Leslie who was Colton’s donor!! 

The surgery was done at BGS Global Hospital, under Dr. N.K. Venkatramana’s most capable team. The experience was particularly powerful as the BGS Hospital staff understood our approach to Colton’s care, and two of Colton’s regular practitioners �Kathy Winter, Naturopathic Doctor and Sandi Loytomaki �Quantum Healer, who traveled to India with us were able to be present and involved throughout the entire process. It was amazing!
We were in India three weeks, and during the phase when Colton was regaining his strength to travel home, got to experience a bit of the local culture.  Riding on the elephants was the definite highlight!

How is He Doing?

Colton is doing well. The combination of his successful surgery, and his ongoing treatments with his Canadian hands-on practitioners have seen Colton achieve some exciting milestones: Moving his arms when he stretches. Weight bearing on his legs. Holding his own head up (first time in over 3 years!), and a very obvious alertness he didn’t have before. Colton looks great and has grown 5 inches in the past 15 months!

What’s Next?

We are not racing into any other surgeries in the short term. We are focusing on following Colton’s lead with his highly skilled team, and dedicating the time and resources to supporting all his functions at the highest level possible: Continuing his very extensive naturopathic regime; Stepping up his physio (including hiring a nanny who has a physio background, for day to day exercises); Installing a ceiling tracking system that will be used for both lifting/transfers (he’s getting heavier too!), and for exercises/ walking stimulation; Following the path outlined in weekly sessions with his Quantum Healer; Continued bi-weekly chiropractic and monthly Osteopathy.

. . . . .

What is Project Possibility?

Project Possibility involves a leading edge stem cell procedure for Colton last year in India, as well as the following years of his re-generative therapy.

Fundraising for Project Possibility will also help underprivileged children in India who require much less complex medical help than Colton did to generate possibility for their own healthy futures.


Want to Support Colton?

Colton is on an amazing journey in his regenerative path to health�it is also a very comprehensive and expensive one.

Our thanks to all who participated in the last fundraiser. We will list the next one here when a date is picked and we all hope to see you again.

Meanwhile, if you would like to make a donation online (no tax receipt) click here. Your contribution would be most appreciated, and put to excellent use for Colton’s health.