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Who is The Winning Team?

The Winning Team describes all the people who are involved in supporting the Wilson/Gill family: Healing Practitioners, Development Team People, and Support – in the many, many forms it takes, in the goal of bringing Colton Gill and previously his sister Carling to health.

Colton, Carling and their healthy brother Jarrett Gill have not lived a traditional life, but have each weathered their challenges well. (see individual notes below)

As with an estimated 90% of families who have experienced a death of a child, Diane Wilson and John Gill (parents) separated in 2008. The separation is a very amicable and positive thing, as it allows both of them a bit of space and time to process the intensity of supporting a 24/7 special needs family.

2009 was a particularly challenging year for the family, as their nursing support was in turmoil. They qualify for 4 nights a week of coverage, (so Diane can sleep)... and even though John comes one night during the week, as well as taking the boys alternate was extremely difficult as they had 42 nursing shifts cancel. This meant 3 or sometimes 4 nights a week for most of the year, Diane had little or no sleep. Fortunately friends stepped in to help – and the situation has been resolved! Special thanks to Anne Toneguzzo for her advocacy skills and letter writing, Sandi Loytomaki, and Margaret Tiveron & Don Giberson for taking the night shift when called!

One of the most positive changes in the family support network is the addition of Cathy Castillo, a nanny from the Philippines who is now living in the home, under the New Canadian program. Funding for a good portion of this is being covered by the Ontario Government: Special Services at Home funding for caregivers, which Colton receives.

Diane and John have learned that anything is possible and approach the care of their children with this conviction. As Diane says, “When someone tells me, “It hasn’t been done,” I hear, “It hasn’t been done yet!”

If you are reading this note, and are sending positive thoughts their way... you too are part of The Winning Team... welcome!

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