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Carling's book cover

The story behind the book

The story behind the book

In November 2002, Carling was granted a wish from the Make a Wish Foundation -- an organization which makes wishes possible for children with life threatening illnesses.

"As her parent," said Diane Wilson, "I didn't feel it was respectful for anyone to make this important decision on Carling's behalf. Having recently taken a channeling course to better listen to our nonverbal children, I asked the question "What would you ask for, if you could have anything you wished for?" to Carling's spirit, and channeled her response. Her list was long."

A hot tub to help her muscles was the formal Wish, granted by Make a Wish and their local corporate donor, LCBO Millcroft in Burlington.

Diane and John decided to give Carling all her items on the list. Among them was her request: "I wish to write a book and have it printed ... you can channel it, Mom!"

"And so we began our seven months journey of stories for the book, which were then taken into Carling's Grade 1 class, where small groups of students were read the stories and they drew pictures for Carling," Wilson recalled.

Fitting the production and printing of the book into a busy schedule with Carling and her two brothers took longer than the family hoped, and Carling passed away just three weeks before her book was printed. 

Nothing in the original text was changed, except for the addition of an update on Carling. 

Click here to view a sample illustration and story from the book.

About Channeling

"There are many different methods and styles of tuning into quiet wisdom.  Sometimes this style of communication is called channeling. It is a skill that can be learned, a communication tool, which involves quieting one's own thoughts enough to hear -- with permission, the thoughts of another.  I am fortunate to have a sister who has removed the mystique and uncertainty about  channeling for me, through her profession (see   This skill allows me to interact more deeply and more respectfully with my non-verbal children."
--- Diane Wilson, Carling's Mom

Proceeds of the Book

When Carling was asked what she wanted to do with the money from the sale of her book, she said the proceeds are to go  "to things that help people not be afraid of people in wheelchairs".

Your purchase of this book will help pilot a program "Ride in My Footsteps" for healthy youth to experience a half day in a wheelchair.   As this program develops, updates will be posted to

To Order the Book

Stories by Carling is $15 Canadian, which also includes GST.

If paying in US funds, it is $12 US.

Shipping and handling charges: add $1.50 in the relevant currency.

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