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Making A Difference

We invite you to join The Winning Team.

The only criterion you need to join is the willingness to think about our situation in a positive mindset. We NEED positive energy. Pity, anger, complaints … they drag the energy down and quite honestly, we can’t afford that. We’re facing a challenge that hasn’t yet been conquered, and every bit of positive –ness is like a handful of fertilizer thrown on a struggling plant (and yes, this may seem like just manure to some, but the truth is – it works!).

You may have a specific way you would like to help... fundraising, accessing a particular resource you think might be good for Colton, or just generally offering a bit of time or willingness to help. Please contact us via email if this is the case. Your efforts are much appreciated!


www.thewinning --*-- E.mail: Diane Wilson --*-- 2006