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Project Possibility

Project Possibility involves a leading edge stem cell procedure for Colton later this year in India, as well as the following years of his re-generative therapy.

Fundraising for Project Possibility  will also help underprivileged children in India who require much less complex medical help to generate possibility for their own healthy futures.


You can help by either

  • Making a Donation directly to the Winning Team (no tax receipt issued)
  • Making a Donation through Project Possibility (tax receipts issued for donations over $20 from Canada and US)
  • Participating in ‘21 Days to Possibility!’™
  • Promoting or encouraging others to participate in ‘21 Days to Possibility!’™
  • Donating or sponsoring a prize for the prize pool in  ‘21 Days to Possibility!’™

‘21 Days to Possibility!’™


  • The Winning Team (Colton’s support Structure) is all about focusing on small immediate steps for wins that lead to the possibility of bigger long term wins.   


  • Celebrating wins builds energy and momentum for bigger results

     This ’21 Days to Possibility’ Fundraising program offers individuals the opportunity to focus on a small win in their own lives… and make a huge difference by supporting a good cause at the same time.


How it works:

  • Join the team! 
    • Pick a small action you could do to improve an area of your life you’d like to focus on:

Health, social, business, family…

    Click here to see what others are doing

    • Commit to your action for 21 days
    • Tell your friends and colleagues and have them sponsor you online for your winning action
    • Forward any donations collected in person in support of Colton’s trip and regeneration Contact US
  • Others see your action on the website and get inspired!
  • All who participate or sponsor someone or encourage someone else to sign up top participate are eligible for exciting prizes  (LINK TO PRIZE LIST)


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