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The Winning Team

What is the Winning Team

The Winning Team is everyone and everything that is a part of the "day-to-day" operations that make each moment, each interaction, each success and challenge a "win" for the Wilson-Gill family. It is each family member, relatives and friends and players from the community that support whatever is necessary to have each day a winning day. The winning team has many key team members that are involved in both tradtitional and natural heath care. Everyone on the winning team shares the winning team philosohy of repect, positive outlook and that anything is possible! Meet some of the key health care players on our team that contribute to our success!

Our Total Health Approach

Diane and John are very pleased to be a part of this time in history when there are many exciting advances in medical research are taking place such as medications, enzyme replacement therpay and stem cell research. The current reality is however, that these therapies are only one of the avenues to stop the progress of NCL and bring about regeneration in the children who are affected by it. The Wilson-Gill family see natural therapies, often referred to as energy medicine with a holistic approach that works with the energetic and electrical system of the body, as a major viable approach that is actively keeping their children healthy and restoring their bodies.

Diane describes the work that is most successful each day as “The Onion Approach”. Working in an open minded fashion, minute-by-minute the family and their health care providers are able to identify the issues needing attention, and respond to them with the best health tools available at the time. As the family and their support team continue to peel back the layers of the issue, they get to its core and find the medical and holistic solutions that work best for their children.

Meet the Team

Our Traditional Health Care Resources

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Our Natural Health Resources

Here are the main natural methods that have been used working with Carling (previously) and are now working successfully with Colton currently.

Sue 2B KathyNaturopathy - Kathy Winters, ND (Cambridge, ON)

Our naturopathic doctor (ND) is the cornerstone of the treatment the children have been receiving. The children have weekly or bi-weekly appointments with the ND where she focuses on the most pressing health issue of the week. She prescribes homeopathic remedies, botanicals, herbal tinctures, vitamins and other health supplements, as well as makes recommendations about the children’s’ nutrition. In addition, the naturopath uses a cranial-sacral hands-on technique, like a light massage to relax or stimulate stressed areas of the central nervous system and balance the cranio-sacral fluid in the body. This allows for an improvement in the electrical impulses and communication between brain and body through the spine and nervous system..

The ND also offers a welcome and fresh perspective on day-to-day activities. For example, when Colton was age 4, he was beginning to bite others as well as his own personal belongings. While some health practitioners suggested behavior modification strategies, the ND said, “Get him a biting toy – a strong one! The TMJ point on his jaw is jammed and he needs to help loosen it up.” Sure enough, a biting toy alleviated the problem and Diane and John now know to focus on relieving the tightness in Colton’s jaw whenever he starts to bite as a way to help him balance this tension.

Colton receives several types of homeopathic drops in his Gastric tube throughout each day. It is a vital part of his ongoing care and his body responds incredibly well to the subtle support that the homeopathic remedies give.

Kathy Winters lives and works in Cambridge Ontario.
(****Phone) *** web site
She is not currently taking new clients.

Pat 2B LBio-Computer Operating System (B.O.S.) - Larry Steel (Guelph, ON)

This type of practitioner practices a specialized type of muscle testing or kinesiology, to identify using the body's innate wisdom to identify blockages through body feedback using muscle strength or weakness to gauge a "yes" or "no" response to a series of set or menu-driven questions. .This work uses energetic tools to help clear the body‘s blockages so that a person’s inborn healing potential can be fully expressed.

This energy-harmonizing technique works with the body’s electrical system, rather than its biochemical system, and is non-invasive. A system of filters is placed on the body and the body’s reaction to the filters (bio-feedback) determines which blockages are to be addressed and in which priority.

For example, after a major seizure, both Carling and Colton generally need to have their laterality (right and left brain connection) realigned. Correcting or rebalancing laterality is a core stepping stone in this type of work. Another example of the usefulness of this work is that after exposure to paint, or perfumes, a detoxification balance of chemicals seems to help. Regular drug detoxes using this process are also done to balance the organs which are most stressed by the children’s anti-seizure drugs (kidneys and liver). This helps these organs not be as severely affected.

Larry Steel lives and works in Guelph Ontario.
(519) 821-6269
The Steel Health Centre is currently taking new clients.

Pat 2B LChiropractic Care - Russell Grabowski, D.C. (Guelph, ON)Sue 2B Kathy

Chiropractic Care - Name to Come, D.C. (Burlington, ON)

A chiropractor is a trained practitioner who works with the spine’s vertebrae to ensure the optimal positioning. This impacts on the connecting nerves’ ability to function properly. Carling and Colton have used two chiropractors. Both use a gentle technique of adjusting as opposed to the more traditional adjustments of bone movement - "cracking". One of the chiropractors specializes in using laser chiropractic – and works with the Chinese medicine acupuncture points using laser therapy to enhance chiropractic adjustments made using a small adjustment device called an activator.

Chiropractic appointments help keep the spine aligned – which is important as the children are moved by others a lot in transferring them from their wheelchair to beds, toilets, to treatment tables or for a snuggle in a lap. These spinal misalignments can easily be developed and impact their overall health. Diane and John also receive regular adjustments as they are lifting and carrying the children and need to keep their backs healthy and strong.

Whenever Colton’s current respiratory picture changes (less Oxygen saturation, or is some difficulty breathing)… a trip to the chiropractor helps realign the key cervical points which really make a huge difference!

Russell Grabowski lives and works in Guelph Ontario.
(519) ***Phone *** web
Dr. Grabowski is currently taking new clients.

*** Chiro #2 lives and works in Burlington Ontario.
(905) ***Phone *** web
Dr. # 2 **** is currently taking new clients.


Sandi Loytomaki [***Diane, did you want to include Sandi]
Holistic Care - Sandi Loytomaki
(Waterloo, ON)



In addition, Diane has taken some outside training to acquire skills that allow her to support her children:

Channeling is a method of connecting with a person’s spirit to communicate or get information. The technique is a learned skill. It is particularly helpful with non-verbal children, and allows for a more respectful basis of care. For example, instead of assuming the source of distress if a child is crying, it is possible to check in energetically with the child and ask him or her to explain the source of stress. This happened once when Colton was in great pain. Diane thought it was constipation or bowel issues… when she checked with Colton, he indicated she should bring him to the chiropractor. This practitioner immediately corrected Colton’s pelvis which had a very large misalignment. Within 10 minutes Colton was at ease and comfortable.

Medical Intuition is another tool of supplementary insight regarding health. It is not a healing modality, rather it is a tool to provide an accurate portrait of what is going on in a child’s body. No information is requested without consent of the person involved. Diane completed a 150-hour training course, in order to assist her in listening to her children’s bodies as they change with this disorder. The children's bodies are incredibly valuable at communicating with Diane and her trained way to pay attention. If their bodies can point out clues and links which can be corrected by the trained practitioners before they become major obstacles, then health is gained.

Diane did her training in Channeling and Medical Intuition with Inner Access 101
(519) 824-6655

B.O.S., as described above, allows Diane to clear energy blockages. She currently makes regular BOS adjustments on her children to assist them in healing themselves, and overcome health obstacles. Diane has completed four of the five segment requirements for certification in the B.O.S. course offered by the Steel Health Cente in Guelph, Ontario.

B.E.S. is an offshoot of the B.O.S. training. It specializes in the emotional connection which underlies a body’s physiological well-being. Using the same methods and tools as B.O.S., the B.E.S. system allows the body to release emotional blockages which are no longer serving the body’s health. Diane completed the B.E.S. training under Karin Cremasco, who is also a certified B.O.S. practitioner, in Guelph, Ontario.

Our Philosophy

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How You Can Help


Making A Difference

We invite you to join the winning team.

The only criterion you need to join is the willingness to think about our situation in a positive mind set. We NEED positive energy. Pity, anger, complaints … they drag the energy down and quite honestly, we can’t afford that. We’re facing a challenge that hasn’t yet been conquered, and every bit of positive –ness is like a handful of fertilizer thrown on a struggling plant (and yes, this may seem like just manure to some, but the truth is – it works!)


How You Can Help


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